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OPENING - Education and Research at European Level
Alessandro Giustini - School Scientific Director - Chair of ESPRM Committee “Robotic in Rehabilitation”. Scientific Director of San Pancrazio Rehabilitation Hospital, Arco (Trento) - Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group.

Advanced devices and rehabilitation protocols in Virtual Reality and remotely supervised (home) treatment
Marianna Capecci - Assistant Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona.

Needs for PRM and allied health professional education at the European and National Levels
How to develop a research project (selection of outcome measures, inclusion/exclusion criteria, ethical aspects, randomization, blind assessment, sham therapy …)
Maria Gabriella Ceravolo - Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona.

Experiences and Devices in Robot Assisted Rehabilitation of Posture and Gait Disorders
Video Lesson: Innovative technology devices for standing and gait recovery and clinical applications.
Maria Elena Collina - PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group.

Risk of falling and the consequential way of walking . Perspectives for new evaluations and treatment
Costanza Garruto - ..

Product Innovation Meets Clinical Network
Maya Keller - Product Manager, Hocoma AG - Switzerland.

RCT about the efficacy of upper extremity robotic assisted therapy early after stroke: discussion about the difficulty to recruit patients, convince PT & OT to participate to this RCT.
Thierry Lejeune - Médecine Physique et Réadaptation - Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc.

Technogical innovation in Rehabilitation: current status, opportunities and challenges for improving quality of life of persons with disabilities
Video Lesson: Robotics and technologies for upper limb rehabilitation.
Stefano Mazzoleni - PhD, Assistant Professor The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa.

Pediatric Rehabilitation and Technologies
Paolo Moretti - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit Gaslini Institute Children’s Hospital, Genova.

Integration of Robotic Rehabilitation in Clinical Practice
Daiana Popa - Rehabilitation Hospital Felix Spa - Esprm Robotic Committee..

Experiences and devices in robotic rehabilitation of the upper limb and hand
Video Lesson: Recovering hand dexterity.
Federico Posteraro - Rehabilitation Department Versilia Hospital Azienda USL Toscana nord ovest.

Video Lesson: Hunova.
Massimo Vallasciani - PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group.

Video Lesson: Effects of robotic treatment on cerebral plasticity.
Antonello Morgantini - PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Clinical Chief.

Video Lesson: Perspectives and critical issues of scientific research in robotic gait rehabilitation.
Giorgio Maggioni -

Video Lesson: The state of art: principles and aims of assistive technology use in posture and gait recovery.
Franco Molteni -

Video Lesson: New rehabilitation technologies in the European Health Systems.
Mauro Zampolini - President UEMS-PRM Section (European Union of Medical Specialist - Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine) - Unità Sanitaria Locale Umbria N° 2 - NHS - Director of Department of Rehabilitation - Director of Neurology and Rehabilitation Ward Foligno Hospital.

Video Lesson: Bionic man: ethical challenges.
Carlotte Kiekens -

Video Lesson: Benefits, challenges and trends of advanced technologies in rehabilitation.
Serena Maggioni -
Clemens Mueller -

Video Lesson: State of art on the diffusion of new technologies across Europe.
Alvydas Juocevicious - MD, PhD Rehabilitation, Physical and Sport Medicine Center, Medical Faculty Vilnius University, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Kliniko. Lithuania.
Elena Ilieva - MD, PhD Head of Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Medical University of Plovdiv Vice Dean of Medical Faculty Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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3° European R2S2 Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School

19-24 Apr 2021 - Porto Potenza Picena (MC) - Italy

An innovative educational approach for rehabilitation professional taking the advantage of a concrete perspective of engagement in Robotics Rehabilitation.





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